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We Believe in Possibilities

Healthcare can survive — and thrive — if we change how we work. At Artisight, we’re passionate about improving the lives of clinicians and patients through technology.

Our story began with a resident physician frustrated with the industry’s inefficiencies, who teamed up with a lean manufacturing expert and a software and AI-focused physicist to solve real-world problems for healthcare organizations.

We’ve been helping others see healthcare through the lens of possibility ever since.

Artisight Team

Our Leadership Team

Meet the practicing clinicians, scientists, entrepreneurs, and healthcare executives united in the mission to bring new possibilities to healthcare.

Andrew Gostine

Andrew Gostine, MD, MBA
Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Stephanie Lahr Photo

Stephanie Lahr, MD, CHCIO

Chris Heddon

Chris Heddon, DO
Chief Product Officer

Karie Ryan

Karie Ryan, MS, BSN, RN, CENP
Chief Nursing Officer

Garrett Larance

Garrett Larance
Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer

Tim Koby

Tim Koby, PhD, MBA
Co-Founder & Chief Science Officer

Vikas Ghayal

Vikas Ghayal, MHA, FACHE
Chief Strategy Officer

Rob Ringham

Rob Ringham
Chief AI Officer

Jake Neiman

Jake Neiman
Chief Financial Officer

Justin Sobey

Justin Sobey
General Counsel

Our History


Artisight rebrands and expands its market presence with clinicians, hospitals, and organizations across the country. The company completes its first round of growth equity funding.


The team further develops the application to solve even more problems. The technology is applied to other use cases, demonstrating its ability to tackle a myriad of clinical issues.


COVID-19 hits the U.S. healthcare system, but Artisight clients find themselves well-positioned to tackle a multitude of challenges, due to the technology’s capabilities.


Artisight’s AI-enabled sensor platform is adopted by dozens of U.S. hospital systems and deployed in operating rooms, patient rooms, clinics, and other clinical environments.


Artisight is founded by Andrew Gostine, Garrett Larance, and Tim Koby. The company debuts its first product, an application to drive efficiencies in operating rooms.

We Believe in Making a Difference

Artisight exists to:

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  • Reduce Friction
  • Promote Quality Care
  • Support Fiscal Health
  • Prepare Healthcare Organizations for the Future

Brilliant Minds Belong at Artisight

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