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Artisight Clinic

Win over Patients and Clinicians with
Friction-Free Experiences

To compete in today’s healthcare market, you must earn patient trust with seamless experiences and decrease friction for your clinicians.

Our RTLS technology helps your team reduce delays and gaps in care, increase access, and provide up-to-the-minute automated patient journey communication. Plus, you can manage telehealth visits from one platform.

Artisight Makes Operational Efficiency Possible

We deploy smart features in your clinic and can leverage Ultra-Wideband technology, along with speakers and cameras, depending on your workflows.

Insightful data enables you to optimize workflows, discover new revenue opportunities, and become a data-driven organization.


  • ClinicQ
  • ClinicQ + Tracking
  • TeleConsult
  • Clinic Coordination
  • Automated Check-in
  • Patient Notifications


Artisight Receives Prestigious CHIME Innovation Award with Partner Guthrie Clinic

The College of Healthcare Information Management Executives recognizes program that utilizes AI-powered Smart Hospital Platform to transform care delivery.

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ART + Guthrie
Artisight Platform


Deliver a positive patient experience with a seamless clinic journey. 

As patients move throughout the clinic, your teams receive notifications alerting them so they can address every aspect of care between departments. ClinicQ allows you to provide well-coordinated, efficient care while boosting patient satisfaction.

  • Patient Map & Location Alerts

ClinicQ + Tracking

Receive all the benefits of ClinicQ with the additional ability to track related clinic equipment and supplies.

  • Patient Map & Location Alerts
  • Passive Check-in & Check-out
  • Patient Flow Analytics
  • Equipment Tracking
  • Supply Tracking


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