The Industry-Defining AI-Powered Platform Built by Clinicians

Essential, Scalable Digital Infrastructure for Smart Healthcare Facilities

As clinicians, we know solving challenges can’t just mean adding more technology. It means using the right technology.

That’s why we built the Artisight platform. 

It’s specifically designed to assist nurses, physicians, and the rest of the clinical team – through solutions like Virtual Nursing – so they can work most effectively and stay focused on what they do best — caring for patients.

Our agile, robust platform only gets better as we train new algorithms to solve your next problem.

The Artisight Smart Hospital Platform

The Artisight platform is a central hub for your smart hospital, integrating computer vision and a multi-sensor network, indoor positioning and real-time location systems, voice-activated services, video conferencing, and your EHR and other third-party systems.

It powers our smart hospital solutions to support virtual care, coordination, and quality improvement across your healthcare organization. By leveraging this scalable, interoperable, platform you can create a new way to work and a care environment that enables human-centered, personalized care.

Computer Vision 
& Sensor Network

Know what’s happening in your facility with image data analysis across our sensor network via a HIPAA-certified, patient-protected development process.

Indoor Positioning & Real-Time Location Systems

Get real-time insights and actionable intelligence with incredibly-accurate, industry-leading Ultra-Wideband (UWB) technology.


Make it simple for staff to communicate with voice-activated services that understand and respond to commands programmed by your organization.



Use your existing hardware to leverage Artisight’s high-quality two-way-enabled audio and video software.

EHR & Third-Party Integration

Drive downstream workflows with sensor data and seamless EHR and other third-party application integration.



Eliminate manual tasks with automated workflows across patient rooms, operating rooms, and clinics.

Performance Dashboards
& Analytics

Get a clear view of your organization’s performance with custom dashboards and analytics reports.

Go Inside the Smart Hospital

Tomorrow’s hospital is here. Take a behind-the-scenes look and learn how Artisight makes it possible.

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The Artisight Smart Room
The Artisight platform allows us to utilize innovative technology to support nurses and improve patient safety as part of our workforce transformation strategy.
It's very important to not only understand what your use case is today, but also where you want to go in the future. Artisight's Smart Hospital Platform is truly a comprehensive system. What we're doing now is just the first stepping stone.

Artisight Powers Care Transformation at WellSpan Health

The virtual nursing and remote patient monitoring pilot program will allow the Pennsylvania health system to improve outcomes and reduce clinician burden.

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ART + WellSpan

Discover What’s Possible

Our solutions create smart functionalities across your healthcare organization, including patient rooms, operating rooms, and outpatient clinics. 

So whether you need to build or enhance a virtual nursing program, enable inpatient telehealth, keep surgeries on schedule, or fortify your organization with AI capabilities, Artisight has you covered.

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