Patient Room Monitoring by Artisight

Artisight Patient Room

Improve Bedside Care with an Easier Way to Work

To solve the long-term challenges in your hospital, you need technology that reduces tension and friction, helps clinicians do more with less, and provides data-driven insights.

Our in-depth virtual nursing patient monitoring captures real-time data of everything happening in your hospital rooms so your team can work efficiently, make informed decisions, and provide superior patient care.

Artisight Makes Higher Retention Possible

A camera, a speaker, and a two-way-enabled video. That’s all you need in your patient rooms to get started.

Get access to a comprehensive set of features that free clinicians to do their jobs much more efficiently. The result: dramatically reduced burnout, higher productivity, and improved retention.

  • Virtual Nursing
  • Remote Observer
  • TeleConsult
  • Fall Prevention
  • Staff Duress
  • Pressure Ulcer Prevention
  • Bed Management
  • Translation Services
  • Automated EHR Documentation

Artisight Powers Care Transformation at WellSpan Health

The virtual nursing and remote patient monitoring pilot program will allow the Pennsylvania health system to improve outcomes and reduce clinician burden.

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ART + WellSpan
Remote Nursing by Artisight

Virtual Nursing

Give nurses the freedom to work designated shifts from an off-site location where they can bring a new dimension of teamwork by interacting with patients and supporting fellow nurses via video.

Virtual nurses monitor patient room activity for urgent events on a live feed, complete real-time documentation, and manage patient care plans. Offload time-consuming tasks from your bedside nurses so they can focus on patients.

  • Patient Monitoring
  • Workflow Automation
  • AI Services

Remote Observer

Optimize your observer staff with stationary or mobile equipment and tools that enable one observer to monitor multiple patients simultaneously on a single screen in a central location.

Using a localized AI algorithm to monitor fall risk, this feature delivers automated alerts when movement is detected and allows observers to respond to patient needs via two-way-enabled video and audio.

On average, Artisight clients experience an 83% reduction in falls and a 64% reduction in remote observer costs.

  • Multiple Patient Monitoring
  • Mobile & Stationary Solutions
  • AI-Detected Movement
  • Automated Alarms & Patient Alerts
  • Intuitive Onscreen Controls
  • Privacy Screen
Remote Sitter by Artisight
Tele Consult by Artisight


Round on any patient in your hospital system with a remote and intuitive application that uses your existing hardware and covers every type of televisit, including telehealth, eICU, telestroke, etc.   

Invite additional providers, family members, and interpreters, and quickly find patients by name, MRN, or location.

  • Screen Sharing
  • Background Blur
  • Observer Mode
  • Intuitive Search and Filtering

Hospital Viewer

Track critical administrative data across your facility in real time, including inpatient capacity, supply closet inventory, and loading dock receipts.  

Plus, keep a consistent pulse on your organization’s adherence to discharge standards and protocols.

  • Inpatient Capacity Management
  • Discharge Facilitation
  • Supply Closet Inventory Management
  • Loading Dock Receipt Management

Hospital Example by Artisight

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