OR Smart Technology

Artisight Operating Room

Make the Most of Every Minute with Real-Time Monitoring

Each second counts. Your surgical teams need precise, up-to-the-moment info to be efficient and successful. 

Ensure optimal efficiency and prioritize patient safety with a smart operating room solution that monitors activity in and around the OR, provides event detection alerts, and captures real-time data.

Artisight Makes It Possible to Optimize Your OR

We deploy our full suite of features via cameras, a speaker, and two-way-enabled video in each operating room — all connected via our computer vision and sensor network platform trained for your operating room specifications. 

It’s everything your team needs to keep surgeries running smoothly and on schedule. Plus, increase surgical volume by up to 6% or more.


  • OR Coordination
  • Surgery Viewer
  • Asset & Inventory Management
  • Event Detection
  • Surgical Quality
  • Surgical Phase Detection


Avidex and Artisight Announce Strategic Partnership to Transform Virtual Care in Hospitals

Avidex and Artisight will harness the strengths of both companies to provide a turnkey virtual care solution.

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ART + Avidex
Surgery Monitoring by Artisight

Surgery Viewer

Capture videos of surgeries while ensuring HIPAA compliance. This feature removes PHI and converts videos into educational tools for your surgical teams, residents, and interns. 

Edit, add digital annotations, download and archive the final videos — all within your Artisight platform.

  • Video Capture
  • Procedure Sharing
  • Digital Annotation
  • Video Trimming
  • Archive and Download
  • PHI Removal
  • Direct Download
  • Playback Speed

OR Coordination

Automatically collect OR data in real time and feed it to your EHR to measure utilization and ensure seamless, consistent documentation.

Track the movement of beds and surgical drapes in and around the OR to identify trends and gain insights into the effectiveness of your OR workflows and standards.

  • Drape Monitoring
  • Bed Rollout Time Stamps

Artisight Operation Room
Hospital Example by Artisight

Hospital Viewer

Track critical administrative data across your facility in real time, including the time a patient is in a room, how long it takes to clean a room, and procedure durations.  

Plus, keep a consistent pulse on your organization’s hand hygiene compliance metrics and adherence to discharge standards and protocols.

  • Inpatient Capacity Management
  • Discharge Facilitation
  • Supply Closet Inventory Management
  • Loading Dock Receipt Management

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