Chris Heddon

Chris Heddon, DO

Chief Product Officer

Dr. Chris Heddon is an experienced physician-entrepreneur who seamlessly blends his clinical acumen with cutting-edge artificial intelligence applications. As Chief Product Officer of Artisight, he leads Artisight’s product, clinical, and design teams, ensuring the company stays at the forefront of healthcare innovation. 

With a proven track record in commercial partnerships, product launches, and AI-driven technological advancements, Dr. Heddon has been instrumental in introducing transformative AI solutions across diverse healthcare landscapes, from hospitals and clinics to patient homes. 

Previously, as the founding CEO of Resonance Medical, Dr. Heddon championed the development of a clinically validated hearing test and programming system for hearing aids, culminating in the company’s successful acquisition.

His inventive spirit is further evidenced by his two patents addressing crucial healthcare challenges. He also has a strong academic imprint with contributions to high-impact, peer-reviewed research journals. 

At the heart of Dr. Heddon’s approach is a unique blend of his clinical insights, technical prowess, and entrepreneurial drive, making him instrumental in shaping the future trajectory of Artisight products.