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Artisight’s Smart Hospital Platform is the future-ready infrastructure that automates tasks, optimizes processes, and simplifies communication — enabling your team to streamline clinical workflows and elevate care at the bedside.

Our “always-available” process improvement engineer provides precise, real-time, actionable data so you can solve countless other problems — without burdening your clinicians.

Components of a Smart Hospital by Artisight

Healthcare is at a critical crossroads.

Despite all the advancements, the industry struggles with many of the same problems year after year. Clinicians’ jobs are more challenging than ever, with less time to treat more patients.

It can’t continue. Patient safety, quality, health equity, and access are all in jeopardy.

Healthcare organizations have to change the way they work to survive.

What if where you practice helped you practice?

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The Smart Hospital Platform

With Artisight actively assisting your team, you can ease clinician workload, enable virtual workforces, lighten documentation burden, track and manage assets in real-time, and more. Plus, uncover and capture new data sets for operational analysis.

We combine computer vision and a multi-sensor network with industry-defining AI, creating ambient intelligence that learns and responds to your exact environment and workflows.

The result? Insight and capability to unleash endless possibilities for optimizing processes and improving care delivery.


Nursing Satisfaction Score


Reduction in Nursing Overtime


Reduction in Nursing Turnover

Our nurse satisfaction is through the roof!
Think about the doors it opens; it's not just a virtual nurse who can help a patient. It could be a therapist or a pharmacist who needs to connect, or even an out-of-town family member.

Artisight Makes It Possible

Radically Improve Satisfaction

Revolutionize Care Delivery

Cultivate an environment that fosters retention with technology that bolsters morale, strengthens teams, and reduces friction.

Champion Quality Care

Achieve Higher Clinical Standards

Real-time data informs better care decisions, helping you reduce harm, ensure health equity, and close gaps in care.

Boost Your Bottom Line

Gain Immediate ROI

Our scalable digital infrastructure affords vast, ongoing opportunities to solve issues and maximize revenue.

Be Fiercely “Future-Ready”

Apply Always-Learning Technology

Tackle multiple problems with the same tech footprint: eliminate point solutions, consolidate applications, and coordinate IoT in one place.

Enabling the Smart Hospital

The future of healthcare is personalized, human-centered care. Artisight makes it possible with a scalable, interoperable platform that leverages AI across digital devices.

We create a healthcare environment that eases clinician workloads with technology that works harmoniously with your workflows and helps providers stay focused on patients.

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Justin Sobey

Justin Sobey
General Counsel

Vikas Ghayal

Vikas Ghayal, MHA, FACHE
Chief Strategy Officer

Rob Ringham

Rob Ringham
Chief AI Officer

Jake Neiman

Jake Neiman
Chief Financial Officer

Karie Ryan

Karie Ryan, MS, BSN, RN, CENP
Chief Nursing Officer

Chris Heddon

Chris Heddon, DO
Chief Product Officer

Stephanie Lahr Photo

Stephanie Lahr, MD, CHCIO

Tim Koby

Tim Koby, PhD, MBA
Co-Founder & Chief Science Officer

Garrett Larance

Garrett Larance
Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer

Andrew Gostine

Andrew Gostine, MD, MBA
Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

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The Artisight team comprises knowledgeable healthcare leaders with deep clinical expertise who understand your most pressing challenges. Our passion for improving the day-to-day work of clinicians is the product of our collective experience.

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